Father gives other side of the Misāne case

The extradition case concerning Latvian citizen Kristīne Misāne and the legal systems of Latvia, Denmark and South Africa has been extensively reported in Latvian media, including LSM , but until now comment from the South African side and specifically from Johann Grobler, the father of onoe of the children concerned, has been notable by its absence.

But on February 12 his supporters posted a video online giving his side of the story, which can be watched above. Titled “A father’s cry for justice” it is in English and sees Grobler strenuously denying the various charges made against him by his former partner that have seen him depicted as a thug and worse in some parts of the Latvian media. Instead it is Misāne who is described as “violent” and emotionally unstable.

The video calls for her to be returned to South Africa from Denmark, where she was detained in transit, to stand trial for kidnapping, document forgery and other offenses.


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