Facebook confirms to Latvian president willingness to cooperate, ensure transparency of election process

After the meeting with the Facebook management the Latvian president said that Facebook had confirmed their willingness to cooperate with the Latvian authorities, mass media and NGOs.

“In the changing modern world we have to find a balance between democratic freedoms and Internet security. We must defend the values important for the Latvian society and to make all efforts to prevent potential threat to those values,” Vejonis said.

Afterwards the Latvian president met with the representatives of the Latvia diaspora in San Francisco. He said that this year Latvia was marking its centenary and it was time for looking at the past and for setting the goals for the future.

“Our people are Latvia’s greatest treasure regardless of where they live. It does not matter in which part of the world we find us. What matters is that we are with Latvia in our hearts, our thoughts and our deeds and that we take pride in our country. Latvians throughout the world are our people. You are Latvia,” Vejonis said.

Latvia has accomplished much since restoration of independence. The NATO multi-national forces in Latvia send a strong signal of deterrence and solidarity but a lot of things still have to be done in respect of the so-called soft security, the Latvian president said.

The Latvian president is on a working visit to United States from April 2 to April 7.


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