Extreme fire danger period effective across Estonia beginning Saturday

This upcoming weekend promises to remain hot and dry. As of Saturday, 28 July, a period of extreme fire danger will be in effect across all of Estonia, which will mean additional restrictions, first and foremost in forest activities.
For the Rescue Board, an extreme fire danger period means increased attention on people’s activities in and around forested areas.

“This weekend, the Rescue Board as well as the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) will pay increased attention to people’s safe behaviour both along bodies of water and in nature,” said Rescue Board Deputy Director General Tauno Suurkivi.

This will mark the first such joint effort by the two agencies. The PPA’s helicopter will also be kept in a state of heightened readiness to respond quickly to smaller incidents if needed.

Suurkivi also called upon volunteers to make extra efforts to keep their communities safe. “Only working together can we make Estonia safer,” he added.

Fire danger restrictions

During a declared period of extreme fire danger, smoking, grilling, campfires and all kids of open flames are prohibited in the wild, including in otherwise designated areas, such as RMK campfire sites.

People are also asked to avoid operating motor vehicles in nature. Cars should be parked on non-flammable surfaces, and ATVs should not be driven on peat soil.

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