Evgenya Redko withdraws from second semi-final of Pabandom is naujo! 2020

ust hours after the first semi-final of  Lithuania’s Eurovizijos Atranka 2020 Pabandom Iš Naujo — which saw Aistė Pilvelytė, The Roop, KaYra and Rūta Loop qualify for the final — we are getting some bad news. Evgenya Redko is withdrawing from the competition ahead of semi-final two.

One of the fan favourites, Evgenya Redko was a huge stand out in the heats. Unfortunately, on Sunday the “Far” singer revealed that, due to medical conditions, she will not be able to perform in the remaining shows. As such, she has had to withdraw.

The songstress explained the situation to her fans on social media:

“It is very sad but I have to withdraw from the Eurovizijos Atranka. I tried my best to get through the illness, I didn’t give up on the first Eurovizijos Atranka filming! Sadly, this time my body and the doctors said STOP. I have reached a state where I just can’t physically get over myself. I want to thank everyone for their warmth and strong support! For those who wish me to get healthy soon! I know rest and proper treatment will do my part and I hope to get back on my feet soon and move forward!

And for Eurovizijos Atranka, we have so many strong performers worth travelling to Rotterdam this year, and so much talent to make Lithuania famous! I wish everyone well!”

Evgenya provided the Eurovizijos Atranka organizers with a medical certificate which states that she needs to stop any physical activities for at least one month and receive intensive medical treatment.

According to Evegnya‘s friend, hip-hop singer Konstantinas Kiveris-Lilas who spoke with LRT.lt, the singer has been suffering the pain since mid-January. But the pain started to intensify during rehearsals for the Lithuanian M.A.M.A. awards on Friday.

Evgenya appeared there with pain killers, but after the event it became clear that she wouldn’t be able to perform again in the near future. As a result, she had to give up her spot in the second semi of Eurovizijos Atranka, which is filming this Tuesday.

The remaining eight acts that will take part in semi-final two are:

Andy Vaic – “Why why why”
Germanas Skoris – “Chemistry”
MEANDI – “Drip”
Monika Marija – “If I leave”
Monique – “Make me human”
Petunija – “Show Ya”
Rokas Povilius – “Vilnius Calling”
The Backs – “Fully”

Of the eight songs, four will qualify for the grand final which will be held on 15 February. The final will be completely live and will return to the Žalgiro Arena in Kaunas. The venue last hosted the final in 2018.

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