EU’s centre-right parties vote on leader for Europarliament election

The leading political force of the European Parliament (EP), the European People’s Party, is on Thursday, November 8, convening to decide on its candidate to head the European Commission after the EP elections of spring 2019.

British news portal The Guardian, reported that the electorate, composed of 700 delegates from Europe’s centre-right parties, will be selecting between two male politicians.

The favourite is Manfred Weber, a German MEP, who leads the party in the EP. He once described European values as «inspired by our Christian roots» and has run a campaign stressing his Bavarian village background.

The other candidate is Alexander Stubb, a multilingual, former Finnish prime minister, who takes part in Ironman Triathlons and likes to talk of the «fourth industrial revolution».

The winner of the vote will become the favourite to succeed Jean-Claude Juncker as the President of the European Commission, if the group wins the largest number of MEPs in the European elections in May.

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