Europe’s bus company FlixBus to begin operating in Baltic states

Europe’s largest bus company, FlixBus, will begin operations in the Baltic states.

“We are preparing to start operations in the Baltic States,” Michal Leman, director of FlixBus in Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic states,  told   ERR. “Our main priority is the lines connecting Tallinn with other European capitals, such as Berlin and Warsaw, and we plan to launch them in the first half of 2020.”  Read more:  Lithuania needs to break free from air travel isolation    The German-based FlixBus is now a dominant player in Europe, and as of 2018, had a 90 percent market share of bus travel in Germany, according to the Economist.

Hugo Osula, founder of a major bus operator in the Baltics, LuxExpress, said “it will certainly not be possible to do long-term dumping [selling tickets at very low prices],” adding that “investment in the bus business is very high and profits are very low”.

FlixBus was founded in 2013 and has been active in the international market since 2015, according to ERR.  Read more:  Rail Baltic audit reveals risks of budget overruns, delays


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