EU-UK future ties declaration held back by issues of fisheries, Gibraltar, trade

As the European Union and the UK are now negotiating principles of their future relationship, British Prime Minister Theresa May is taking part in talks in Brussels on Wednesday to try solve disagreements regarding Gibraltar, fisheries and trade.

British-Canadian news agency Reuters reports that a diplomat who attended a meeting of EU member state envoys on Tuesday, November 20, explained Britain was seeking an easy flow of goods post-Brexit that was too close to that enjoyed by bloc members only.

«The UK wants free movement of goods, which they won’t get because that’s back to discussing partial access to the single market, which we don’t do,» the person said.

Also, France has called for more guarantees on future access to Britain’s rich fishing waters, which London wants to keep firmly under control after Brexit.

Reportedly, Spain has warned it would not give its backing to the Brexit agreement passed by the UK government, if Madrid would be given a special veto to prevent any future EU trade agreement with Britain that applies to Gibraltar.

All EU leaders are due to meet on Sunday, November 25, to seal the Brexit deal, consisting of Britain’s draft withdrawal agreement and a declaration of the two sides’ new relationship after Britain exits the EU. The withdrawal treaty is adopted by qualified majority and not unanimity.

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