EU stops financial support to Moldova seeing disrespect to election process

The European Union has announced the freezing of a EUR 100 million aid package to Moldova for not complying to the preconditions of respecting democratic mechanisms and the rule of law.

Belgian-based news portal EurActiv reports that the EU is supportive of Moldova’s pro-Western government, yet it has voiced strong criticism to a court ruling in June to cancel the result of an election won by a former prosecutor – a critic of the leader of Moldova’s ruling party.

The Modova’s Supreme Court upheld a 19 June decision overturning the victory of pro-transparency candidate Andrei Nastase and the court decision was met by thousands of people, who went in the streets in protest.

Nastase says the ruling was delivered at the behest of Vlad Plahotniuc, the leader of the ruling Democratic Party and a powerful businessman, who denies interfering in the case.

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