EU responds to U.S. metal tariffs by targeting American peanut butter, whiskey

As the U.S. has imposed duty tariffs on steel and aluminium imports from the European Union since Friday, June 1, the European Commission has stated it would in several week’s time introduce countermeasures against American exports.

Belgian-based news portal EurActiv reported on Friday, June 1, that U.S. duty tariffs, according to European Commission’s (EC) data on the year 2017, will affect EU exports worth EUR 6.4 billion.

Brussels has officially started a dispute settlement case at the World Trade Organisation since the ES evaluated that US measures «clearly go against agreed international rules».

The EC’s countermeasures are been aimed a list of American products, among them orange juice, peanut butter or whiskey, that would be subjected to extra import duties and a second list of products would see duty tariffs imposed on them either after the settlement procedure, if it confirms that U.S. measure violates WTO rules, or after three years of the U.S. the duties being in place.

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