EU Budget 2019

“The Budgets Committee vote on the 2019 EU Budget sends a clear signal that the EPP Group is strongly committed, not only in reverting the cuts proposed by the Council, but also in reinforcing successful EU programmes that should remain strong”, stated Monika Hohlmeier MEP, the EPP Group negotiator for the 2019 EU Budget.
The EPP group strongly believes that the EU must have the necessary financial means to meet important challenges such as reducing the root causes of migration and supporting economic and social stability through humanitarian aid and development aid, promoting research and innovation, reinforcing security and supporting farmers in crises, such as the outbreak of the swine fever epidemic.

“We want a strong and ambitious European Union that lives up to citizens’ expectations. Today, we have met young people’s expectations by defending Erasmus and strengthening the DiscoverEU programme so that in 2019, more than 30,000 youths can enjoy a free Interrail ticket on their 18th birthday,” pointed out Hohlmeier.

Earlier this year, the European Commission proposed a draft budget for 2019 consisting of €166 billion in commitments and €149bn in payments. The Council only foresees €164.1bn in commitments and €148.2bn in payments for next year’s budget.

Reacting to the Council’s cuts, the EPP Group Spokesman in the Budgets Committee, José Manuel Fernandes MEP, concluded: “The budget reflects the vision we have for the European Union. It must provide the necessary means to answer the needs, concerns and expectations of our citizens. This is why the cuts proposed by the Council are impossible to justify.”

The European Parliament will adopt its position in Strasbourg on 24 October.

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