EU, Baltic states, Poland agree €720 million network synchronisation deal

The European Union, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland have reached a deal worth €720 million for the second phase of the electricity synchronisation programme which will see the Baltic countries join the European grid.

On Thursday (October 1), the coordinating committee of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) of the EU Infrastructure Network agreed to allocate the maximum possible funding to the key projects of synchronisation of the Baltic States with the continental Europe grid.

Following the application of the transmission system operators of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland, € 719.7 million will be issued in funding to support the smooth implementation of infrastructure projects.

This will allow the Baltic States to start operating on the same frequency as Poland and other continental European countries by 2025. The Baltic states are currently connected to the Russian BRELL network. The EU is funding 75 percent of the project and work has already started on synchronisation.

In total, €493 million has been allocated for the construction of the Lithuanian-Polish interconnector Harmony Link, the installation of synchronous compensators in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will be supported with €166.5 million.

The remaining part is awarded for the modernization, development and enforcing of the local grids required for the integration of the Harmony Link interconnection.

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