Estonia’s registered unemployment at 4.5% in June

The number of registered unemployed in Estonia was 29,489 at the end of June, marking an increase of 0.12 % compared with the same time a year ago, and made up 4.5% of the total number of workforce from age 16 to retirement age, informed LETA/BNS according from figures published by the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

Of the registered unemployed, 9,556 people or 32 % were persons with limited capacity for work. The share of persons with limited capacity for work among unemployed persons rose by 7.6% on year.

Not considering persons with limited capacity for work, the number of jobless residents declined by 3.2% y-o-y to 19,933.

The rate of registered unemployment continued to be the highest in East-Viru County with 8.6%. Unemployment was lowest in Hiiu County at 3.3%. In Harju County and Tallinn the rate of unemployment in June was 3.5%.

During the month 3,028 people, including 738 persons with limited capacity for work, found employment or started business with the help of the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

So far this year, residents of Estonia have on 809 occasions embarked on a study program sponsored by the Unemployment Insurance Fund and meant for people currently in employment, with most of such people starting a language study program. In the formal adult education system, the biggest numbers of adults started studies with a view to obtaining a qualification in a health or social welfare related profession. Support for the acquisition of formal education within the adult education system is provided by the Unemployment Insurance Fund to people lacking professional education, who have graduated from their last formal education tier more than five years ago.

In addition, the Unemployment Insurance Fund provides such support to people who have graduated from their last formal education tier, including tertiary education, at least 15 years ago. Support is available to people embarking on a training program in a profession where more workers than are available at present will be needed in the future.

During the month 4,672 new offers were added to the job offers available via the Unemployment Insurance Fund. The Unemployment Insurance Fund had a total of 10,701 jobs on offer during the month. The biggest portion of the jobs on offer — 24% — were for unskilled workers, followed by skilled workers and craftsmen with 21 %, and service and sales personnel with 20%.

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