Estonian women earned 21% less than men last year

The gender pay gap on Estonia that has previously decreased for three consecutive years has remained unchanged at about 20,9% between October 2016 and October 2017, Estonian statisticians have calculated.

According to data released on Monday, May 14, by Statistics Estonia, in October 2017, the average gross hourly earnings without irregular bonuses and premiums were 6.26 euros for female employees and 7.91 euros for male employees.

Statisticians estimated that last year, the gender pay gap was the biggest in financial and insurance activities (38.2%), the next biggest pay gaps were recorded in mining and quarrying (31.1%), wholesale and retail trade (28.1%), manufacturing (28.0%) and human health and social work activities (27.9%).

The gender pay gap in Estonian public sector jobs and private sector jobs showed little difference, being 22.4% and 22.0%, respectively, statistics showed.

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