Estonian troops to deploy to Afghanistan this May

35 members of the Estonian Defence Forces (EDF) will be deploying to Afghanistan in May, where they will serve in the framework of the NATO-led Operation Resolute Support.

“Estonia has decided to increase its contribution to NATO’s Operation Resolute Support in Afghanistan, and according to plan, an infantry platoon and logistics personnel will begin serving in Afghanistan this May,” EDF spokesperson Capt. Arvo Jõesalu told ERR.

According to Jõesalu, the area of operation for the Estonian troops will be the Kabul region in the eastern part of the country. The infantry platoon and support element are to consist of up to 35 members of the EDF.

“The mission of the infantry platoon made up of members of the Scouts Battalion on is six-month tour of duty involves defense-related tasks, i.e. the defense and escort of allied instructors and advisers,” Jõesalu added.

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