Estonian Police catch record number of drunken drivers

This June, over 800 drunken drivers were caught on Estonian roads, setting a record for recent years.

“June is, in a sense, the month of [drunk drivers],” Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) senior law enforcement official Sirle Loigo told daily Postimees(link in Estonian). “People drink more during the holidays, and police are checking more as well.”

In June 2013, police caught 885 drunken drivers; this June, they caught a total of 823.

Postimees noted in its overview of drunken driving that the number of breathalyzer tests has increased significantly over the past two months, and this June, nearly 105,000 drivers were made to take a breathalyzer test, a seven-year record high.

Police can require a breathalyzer test of any driver who has for some reason caught the eye of a patrol; the majority of drunken drivers on Estonian roads are caught in the course of routine traffic enforcement, not at breathalyzer checkpoints.

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