Estonian minister: Last year’s 52 traffic-related deaths too much

Estonian Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Taavi Aas, who received an overview of last year’s traffic situation at a sitting of the government’s traffic committee on Tuesday evening, said that the 52 people who lost their lives on the road last year is too much.

“Although the traffic year has started tragically, what gives hope for the future is that last year, there were 15 fewer fatalities in traffic than the year before. But the 52 people who lost their lives is still regrettably too many,” Aas said.

In 2019, there were a total of 1,399 traffic accidents involving human injury in which 52 people lost their lives and 1,726 were injured. The number of traffic accidents declined 5 percent, the number of injuries 6 percent and the number of fatalities 22 percent.

Altogether 134 traffic accidents involving drunk drivers occurred in 2019 in which 157 people were injured and 10 lost their lives. Last year, the number of traffic accidents involving intoxicated drivers declined by approximately 11 percent.

In addition, the Police and Border Guard Board gave the traffic committee an overview of the objectives and experience regarding the timeout break experiment for those speeding and the Road Administration an overview of the objectives and experience regarding the 1+1 central barrier road section project. A separate major issue discussed was additional options for solving the drunk driver problem.

Proposals presented by the Ministry of Justice to the transport committee regarding measures to address the problem of intoxicated drivers more effectively will be sent to the Cabinet for comment.

Regarding the same topic, Aas gave the leading committee for the creation of a penalty point system the task for accelerate the creation of the penalty point system concept and submit it to the traffic committee in summer.

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