Estonian e-services available for Latvian eID holders

Latvian residents, including entrepreneurs, will be able to use eID cards for Estonian e-services, said Gatis Ozols, Public services director of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (VARAM) to Latvian Radio on May 24.

For example, e-services of the Estonian Customs Administration and income and goods declarations, receiving a report on tax payments, registering one’s company as a taxpayer, using the services og the Estonian Ministry of Economy and Communication or using the information system of the Consumer Protection Services Center and a number of other Estonian State e-services.

“The Estonian State has provided support for Latvia’s electronic identity in several services, in areas such as applications for multiple permits, passengers, goods transport, taxi services,” said Gatis Ozols.

Also, if an entrepreneur works in the Estonian tax system, it can be accessed using a Latvian eID.

“This year, Latvia announced its own electronic identification, which means that now it will be recognized in all countries of the European Union – not just in electronic documents. Cross-border access to “real” services takes place step-by-step. Estonia is one of the first countries to make it possible,” Ozols said.


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