Estonian defense forces to buy C90 disposable grenade launchers for EUR 30 mln

The Estonian Center for Defense Investment is about to buy C90 disposable, shoulder fired grenade launchers and ammunition for the grenade launchers from the Spanish company Instalaza S.A. for 30 mln euros.

The framework agreement on the purchase of C90s, ammunition and training equipment was concluded for five years, it appears from an announcement published in the public procurement register.

Previously Instalaza has supplied to the Estonian defense forces grenade launchers with armor penetrating and anti-bunker/building warheads alike.

The first batch of C90s was supplied to Estonia in 2009, and after testing in Estonia and Afghanistan a decision was made to continue purchases of the weapon.

The one-man operated rocket-propelled grenade launcher (RPG) weighs from 4.7-5.1 kilograms and has a point target range of 350 meters. Its projectile can penetrate up to 480 millimeters of armor.

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