Estonian businessman Ossinovski donates to son’s Social Democratic party

Estonian businessman mired in corruption scandals Olegs Ossinovski has donated EUR 25 000 to Estonia’s Social Democratic Party when his son Jevgeni Ossinovski was the party’s chair, as reported by Estonian public media ERR.

When Ossinovski because charged with bribery in the 2015 criminal case against then the head of Latvian Railway Uģis Magonis, Ossinovski Jr. denied receiving any donations to the part from his father, adding that the party would be cutting ties with the businessmen.

However, ERR reports that in April 2019 Ossinovski Sr. had donated EUR 25 000 to Social Democratic party.

«My father and I are two completely different people, both in our positions and our fields of activity,» said Ossinovski Jr., who had announced his decision to step down after April’s parliamentary elections in Estonia. «He does not do politics, I do not do business.»

«Oleg Ossinovski did not make any donations while I was party leader. The party asked him for support for the European elections campaign this spring, since by that time I had announced my decision to stand down,» explained Ossinovski Jr.

Yevgeny Ossinovski became leader of the Social Democratic party in May 2015. His father had previously made generous donations to the party. For example, he had donated EUR 30 000 to the party in 2013, ERR reports.

In total, Social Democratic party received donations worth EUR 93 000 prior to European Parliament elections. The party’s biggest donator is businessman Heiti Hääl, who donated to them EUR 10 000.

As state support, Social Democratic party received EUR 131 510. Membership fees accounted for EUR 5 631. In April 2019 the party borrowed EUR 30 000.

As it is known, the prosecution in Magonis’ bribery case believes Ossinovski had given Magonis a bribe of EUR 500 000 in summer 2015 in relation to a multi-million procurement of Latvian Railway’s rolling stock service – procurement of old diesel trains from Ossinovski’s owned Skinest Rail. Both of the accused deny their guilt.

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