Estonian and Italian defense forces meet to promote military cooperation


Major General Martin Herem, Commander of the Defense Forces, ended his two-day visit to Italy on Wednesday, where he met with General Enzo Vecciarelli, the Commander of the Italian Defense Forces. The purpose of the visit was to promote military co-operation between the two countries and to harmonize their positions on NATO and European Union issues. 

Italy has contributed to the Latvian Allied Battle Group and guarded the Baltic airspace in Ämar. Estonia is contributing to operations in Africa.

“We attach great importance to the 360-degree approach taken by NATO, in which NATO attaches great importance to various security challenges. While we [Estonia] look closely at the threats from the east, the challenges facing countries like Italy are from the south. We both have to stand together,” Herem said.

“The contribution of the Estonian Defense Forces in Africa and the planned increase in the number of members of the defence forces going on missions clearly demonstrates our commitment to facing common threats,” added General Vecciarelli.

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