Estonia to build a nuclear power plant

Site selection for Estonia’s first nuclear power plant is underway, the boss of Fermi Energia OÜ told ETV on Friday, but no decision has been made yet.
Despite rumors a site has been chosen in Kunda, Fermi Energia OÜ boss Sandor Liive told interviewer Liisu Lass on morning show “Terevisioon” nothing is confirmed.

“We have not chosen Kunda, but the Viru-Nigula local government is interested in it,” Liive said. “It could be one of the options. The harbor is close by, there is blue clay, which gives it the necessary stability. But we’re just starting the survey.”

Fermi Energia is committed to building a modern modular nuclear power plant with a capacity of 200-300 MW. By comparison, Estonia’s total electricity consumption on a white and warm midsummer night is 400 MW.

The location of a power plant with a capacity of more than 150 MW can only be determined by a special national plan, he said.

“No nuclear plant can be built in secret,” said Liive. “Unless we do [discussions and studies] today, we won’t be able to make a choice in 10 years.”

Liive said Fermi Energia nuclear plant could be completed in the early 2030s if the optimistic scenario is met.

“We have several nuclear power plants near us [in Sweden, Finland and Russia around the Baltic Sea], but we do not have this source of CO2 free and predictable electricity,” Liive said explaining why the plant is needed.

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