Estonia recalls ambassador from Minsk in solidarity with Lithuania, Poland

Estonia is recalling its ambassador to Belarus for consultations in a show of solidarity with Lithuania and Poland, the country’s public broadcaster ERR has reported.

The government in Minsk has accused Poland and Lithuania of engaging in “destructive” activities and recalled its ambassadors from Vilnius and Warsaw last week.

Lithuania and Poland, pressured by Minsk to do the same, recalled their ambassadors for consultations on Monday.

Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu said Belarus’ pressure on the two countries was “unjustified and regrettable”.

The country’s ambassador to Minsk, Merike Kokajev, will return to Tallinn on Thursday, according to ERR.

Latvia and Germany have also announced they are recalling their ambassadors from Minsk for consultations.

Lithuania and Poland have been vocal supporters of opposition protesters in Belarus who are demanding the resignation of Alexander Lukashenko.

Belarus’ Foreign Ministry has also demanded that Lithuania and Poland cut their diplomatic staff in Minsk.


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