Estonia is about to support its education system

The Estonian government is about to allocate at its meeting on Thursday 353.75 million euros from the support fund to municipalities for the financing of education.

Compared with 2019, the size of support for education has grown by 12 mln euros, including support for teacher wages by 10 mln euros. In total 285 mln euros, making up nearly 80%of the total size of the support, is meant for teacher salaries, spokespeople for the government said.

From the beginning of 2020, the minimum monthly pay of teachers rose 5.2% from 1,250 euros to 1,315 euros. The support enables municipalities to increase the calculated average gross wage of teachers of general education schools from 1,500 euros to 1,540 euros a month.

The rest of the education support is divided as follows: 24 mln euros for school lunches, 20 mln euros for operating costs related to pupils receiving enhanced support or special support, 15 mln euros for labor costs of heads of school and head teachers, eight million euros for learning materials and 2 mln euros for further training.

Drafts concerning the allocation of other support fund assets, such as support for hobby activities, support for the maintenance of local roads and for the payment of subsistence benefits will be put before the government for endorsement in February.

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