Estonia: EUR 118 mln planned for Rail Baltic construction in 2019-2022

According to the Estonian government’s state budget strategy for 2020-2023, the construction of the Rail Baltic railway project is to continue according to a compiled and adopted technical project and received building permits, the budget for the construction work in 2019-2022 is approximately 118 mln euros, informed LETA/BNS.

According to the budget strategy concerning the years 2020-2023, the large-scale design of Rail Baltic on the Estonian territory that was launched this year will continue next year. Design contracts regarding all three design sections, Rapla-Parnu, Tallinn-Rapla and Parnu-Ikla, are to be signed by the end of 2019.

The estimated total cost of the design of the sections until 2022 is 32 mln euros, which does not include the communication and safety system and the cost of electrification, as these works will be carried out after 2022.

In addition, the design of the Ulemiste and Parnu passenger terminals, which is to be launched this year, will continue until 2021. The cost of this work is to be approximately 2.5 mln euros.

Until 2021, environmental studies will be carried out according to the report regarding the strategic assessment of Rail Baltic’s environmental impact, the results of which will be needed as input for the design, construction or operation phases. The approximate cost of the studies is 700,000 euros.

The acquisition of land needed for the construction of Rail Baltic that was started last year will continue until the end of 2020.

The detailed plan and design work of the Muuga multimodal terminal, launched this year, will be continued until 2021. The estimated cost of this work is approximately 1.2 mln euros.

Included in the construction action plan is the establishment of the Saustinomme overpass on the Saku-Luige section of the Tallinn ring road, the construction of which was launched in May 2019.

The design of Rail Baltic’s rolling stock depot in the rural municipality of Rae, which was started in 2019, will be continued until 2021 and the cost of which is approximately 600,000 euros. Over the next year, the preliminary project for the Tallinn Old City Harbor tram connection with a cost of 500,000 euros will be completed.

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