Estonia allocates nearly €772,000 for e-resident IDs

The Estonian government on Thursday decided to allocate €771,772 to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to cover expenses related to the issuance of e-resident ID cards.
The necessary amount of money is to be taken from the government’s contingency reserve.

More digital e-residency ID cards will be issued at Estonia’s foreign representations this year than had been estimated at the time the 2018 state budget was drafted, spokespeople for the government explained.

E-residents of Estonia pay a state fee of €100 for the issuance of a digital ID card, which covers the expenses concerning the issuance of the document. In order for Estonia’s missions abroad to be able to cover additional expenses related to the issuance of a larger than expected number of ID cards, the government had to allocate additional funding to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Estonia’s e-Residency programme was first launched on 1 December 2014, nearly four years ago.

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