Estonia: 2 barracks built at Tapa military campus cost EUR 9 mln

Two barracks built at the Tapa military campus in northeastern Estonia cost approximately 9 mln euros, the first is being used by units of the 1st Infantry Brigade and the other will soon be inhabited by allies.

The Center for Defense Investment this week handed over to the 1st Infantry Brigade two new barracks built according to the standard project of the defense forces at the Tapa campus, the center said. “Slightly over 10 months passed from the beginning of the construction work in November of last year until the completion of the buildings, we were simultaneously also able to furnish the buildings, handing over nearly fully complete barracks,” director of the Center for Defense Investment, Col. Rauno Sirk, said.

The first of the barracks was inhabited by units of the 1st Infantry Brigade, while allies will move into the second one in the near future.

In addition to the barracks, 13,000 square meters of roads and squares and over 1,500 meters of utility networks were established. The total cost of the work was 8.93 mln euros and the barracks were built by listed construction company Nordecon.

The standard project barracks contain the living and training premises and the equipment and maintenance rooms of one subunit in one building. Each of the barracks has 300 accommodation places and 30 working places. The same main project has been used with small adjustments in nearly all military units.

Last year, altogether 20 buildings were completed in the framework of the expansion of the campus, including three barracks, a canteen complex, maintenance and training halls and auxiliary buildings and structures. The Tapa military campus now includes 10 barracks, four of which are being used by allied forces.

The facilities to be built by the end of this year at the Tapa campus are support structures for the maintenance of armored equipment — both armored vehicles and artillery weapons — and training as well as a modern sports building.

The Tapa military base is home to the 1st Infantry Brigade and its subunits as well as the units of the NATO battle group serving in Estonia.

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