Elenger tripled its energy sales in Latvia

Last year, Elenger tripled its energy sales volume to customers in Latvia to almost 1 TWh, as a result of a sharp increase in the sales of natural gas the and electricity as well as the company entering the LNG market.

“Consumers on the Latvian market have given us a warm reception and last year we succeeded in increasing the sales of electricity and natural gas, providing energy services to more than 400 customers,” said Dāvis Skulte, chairman of the board of Elenger Latvija. “We have grown to become one of the largest gas suppliers to provide an alternative to the former gas monopoly,” Dāvis Skulte commented.

The lion’s share of Elenger’s current energy portfolio in Latvia, is comprised by pipeline gas, but a clear course for supplying LNG has been taken too. “The LNG market is developing rapidly, and the demand is growing as this is an environmentally friendly and relatively inexpensive fuel. Last year, we started regular LNG supply to our first corporate customer, providing all advantages of natural gas at a location where no public pipeline network is available,” Skulte noted.

The total sales of energy by Elenger in Latvia amounted to 998 GWh.

Elenger operates in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland. The company delivers natural gas to its clients through pipelines, compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG), and operates the largest gas supply network in homeland Estonia. Elenger is actively developing its renewable energy portfolio in the form of producing and selling solar energy and biomethane. Acting through its subsidiaries, Elenger operates in energy infrastructure design, construction and maintenance. The group has a total of 50,000 clients and 240 employees.

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