Elektrum Lietuva expanding in Lithuania, to offer solar panel installation services

Independent power supplier Elektrum Lietuva, part of Latvian energy group Latvenergo, is launching a new business and will help residents and businesses to install solar panels as of May.

Elektrum Lietuva CEO Martynas Giha says the company is the first in the market to provide such services.

“We see the change, we see that consumers want a personal attitude, a personal offer, they want to be producers and contribute to cleaner environment. (…) We are making a rather unexpected step in the energy market as we don’t have a single supplier entering Lithuania with such a proposal,” Giga told a press conference on Thursday.

Renewable energy tendencies had impact on the decision, the company said, including the state’s objectives described in the national energy strategy and residents’ support. The move was influenced by clients’ wish to use clean energy, he said.

Elektrum Lietuva has been operating in Lithuania since 2008 and has around 7100 clients.

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