Economic affairs minister to propose Finland join Rail Baltica


Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kadri Simson (Centre) is meeting Finnish Minister of Transport and Communications Anne Berner in Helsinki on Friday. Simson will propose that Finland join the joint venture for the construction of the Rail Baltica railway.

“Finland has been a supporter of Rail Baltica, but it could influence the development of the project as one of its shareholders,” Simson said in a press release, adding that Finland’s participation would make it possible to bring a very high level of railway-related technical knowhow and experience into the project.

Such a cooperation would also make it easier to introduce the possibilities of the new railway to Finnish businesses and industries, Simson argued. This, in turn, would then create the prerequisites for getting more goods and passengers onto the railway in the future.

“The northern extension of Rail Baltic via Finland will reach the ports of the Arctic Ocean that will potentially become part of a new developing transit corridor passing through Finland,” Simson said.

The proposal to join Rail Baltica is made by all three of the Baltic states. It is also supported by the European Commission, the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications said.

The ministers will also discuss the Tallinn-Helsinki tunnel. “A railway tunnel connecting the two capitals is a logical continuation to Rail Baltica,” Simson said, noting that due to its high price, it could be part of the transport infrastructure financed by the European Union.

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