Eco Baltia urges environment-friendly disposal of Christmas trees

Eco Baltia Group environment maintenance companies – Eco Baltia vide, Eko Kurzeme and Sigulda City’s Jumis – urge residents to dispose of Christmas trees in an environment-friendly way by leaving them next to the household waste containers or contacting local environment management authority, as confirmed by Eco Baltia Group representative Daiga Buča.

She notes Riga residents who live in apartment buildings managed by SIA Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks can leave their Christmas trees next to household containers and their removal will be free of charge. In other municipalities managed by Eco Baltia, such as Mārupe and Ādaži, for example, residents can chop Christmas trees into pieces and leave them next to biological waste containers.

In other cases, Christmas tree collection service will be provided for EUR 2 (without VAT) a piece. Christmas tree collection will be organized along a specific route. Residents are urged to apply for the surface by phone 8717 or by e-mail

At the same time, Eko Kurzeme invites residents to deliver Christmas trees to a sorting location in Liepāja, Ezermalas Street 11. If it is impossible for resident to do this, they can leave Christmas trees next to their home’s household waste container. The collection fee will be EUR 2.5 (without VAT).

Jumis company in Sigulda also provides residents with a free Christmas tree collection service at Zemdega Square. Residents can also request tree collection by phone (26112288) or by e-mail ( The fee is EUR 2.5 (with VAT).

Some of the collected trees will be used as fuel and some will be disposed of as biological waste.

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