Eating berries, shashlik or outrunning bloodstream – best Estonian drink-drivers’ excuses

Estonian police published a selection of eyebrow-raising excuses from the 534 intoxicated drivers apprehended in 2020.

The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board has shed light on the motivation of the drunk drivers and published a selection of excuses they have made to police.

“We were in a club, I consumed some alcohol, ran out of money and then decided to go to Tallinn.

“I needed half a litre of [vodka] Viru Valge and I felt okay to drive.”

“It was not alcohol I consumed, it was [grilled meat dish] shashlik juices.”

“I didn’t drink anything, I ate some berries earlier. Berries give the same effect as beer, after they’re eaten, it shows up on the breath test.”

“I went home and started to drink rum. I remembered that the car’s tires needed air. To save time in the morning, I decided to get to the gas station before the alcohol had entered my bloodstream.”
Lithuanian police recently published a report on the most bizzare attempts to bribe the officers that are on par with Estonia’s drink-drivers’ responses.

Meanwhile, drink-driving is a deadly problem in the Baltic states.

Drunk drivers caused 128 crashes with victims on Estonian roads last year, that included 10 fatalities and 149 injuries.

In Lithuania, drunk drivers caused 184 accidents in 2019 that resulted in 21 fatalities and 269 injuries.

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