Dressed in NATO uniform criminals operate in the Baltic States

The media and society for a few years have been discussing a lot of incidents related to the moral features of NATO soldiers and the crimes they commit. Soldiers are being accused of using and transporting drugs, violence against civilians, and violations of discipline.

It is obvious that the NATO and U.S. soldiers experience some kind of moral decline – the defenders of “democracy” are turning into criminals.

This problem is especially relevant to the Baltic countries.

For example, an extraordinary scandal occurred on March, 8, on the eve of very important day for nationalists – the memory day of the Latvian SS legionnaires. The NATO soldiers expressed complete disrespect for the history of Latvia and peed on the main monument of Riga – the Freedom Monument.

Latvian Ministry of Defense named an incident “undermining the reputation of thousands of U.S. and other allied states warriors who serve in the Baltics.”

As we know, NATO contingent in the Baltic States is constantly increasing. But not everyone is happy with the presence of foreign servicemen, because of their drunken fights and showdowns.

The notorious incident happened in May, 2014, when the NATO squadron during Open Spirit exercises stayed in Ventspils, Latvia. There were several fights with the participation of foreigners in the city.

Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs shared the details: “NATO sailors behave themselves like pigs, ignoring the laws of Latvia. They pissed drunk on the windows. They also tore flowers from flowerbeds for presenting it to prostitutes.”

There are more recent examples. Three drunken British army officers fought with Riga police last spring. To pacify the brawlers, police officers had to use pepper gas.

In 2017, the visit of NATO troops from Germany to a bar ended by a scandal in Rukla, Lithuania. Two drunken military men started a dispute. The result was a strong and fierce fight. One soldier was taken to hospital.

In 2016, a drunken British soldier broke the nose of young Latvian Axel Aizkalns in Riga. The serviceman who started the fight had left Latvia in order to avoid the criminal liability. In May 2018, a British military court decided to impose a fine on the soldier.

By the way, drunken fight is far from the limit of NATO activities in hosting countries. During two weeks of the Saber Strike 2018 military exercises in Lithuania, there were three accidents involving Alliance soldiers.

In 2016, an unpleasant incident also occurred in Kaunas, Lithuania. Soldiers ripped off the state flag from the building of the prosecutor’s office. When it turned out that perpetrators were the Americans, the Lithuanian authorities tried to hide the incident.

Apparently, the frequency of scandals involving NATO soldiers and officers confirms that methods of discipline maintenance do not work properly, and NATO military contingent is decomposing.

It’s remarkable, that the leaders of the Baltic countries constantly talk about the “Russian threat”, but NATO soldiers do not feel themselves in danger. “Defenders” do not believe that they arrived in the Baltic States to protect someone and prefer to relax and have fun.

It is clear, that impunity provokes permissiveness. The misconduct of NATO soldiers in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, which may involve criminal punishment, is punishable by fines. The Alliance’s servicemen simply leave the Baltic States in cases when criminal proceedings cannot be avoided, and no one punishes them.

Unfortunately, the real threat was not the Russian invasion, but the “defenders” from NATO countries.

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