DPD installs 27 new parcel stations in Estonian counties

The transport and logistics company DPD has expanded its parcel terminal network in Estonia by a further 27 stations, focusing this time primarily on smaller county centers and small towns.

During 2018, DPD added over 50 new terminals to its network across Estonia. To the 27 new terminals installed this summer five new stations will be added in the fall. Besides, the company will start expanding its most intensively used parcel stations.

“In choosing the locations of the new parcel stations, we based ourselves on demand and feedback received from residents of specific areas saying that they badly need a parcel station,” DPD Estonia CEO Remo Kirss said.

The CEO said that the latest expansion saw parcel stations installed in many small towns and areas which had few parcel terminals or none at all to date.

Such locations include Vaike-Maarja, Suure-Jaani, Mustla, Mustvee, Kivioli, Kehra, Imavere, Vandra, Torva and Ulenurme, among others.

DPD has close to 150 pickup points in Estonia at present, of which 101 are automated parcel terminals, eight Cleveron parcel robots and the remainder DPD Pickup parcel stores.

DPD is about to expand its network also in Latvia and Lithuania, where it is scheduled to install 65 new terminals during the year. That will bring the total number of DPD’s parcel terminals across the Baltics to almost 300 and the total number of pickup points, including terminals, parcel stores and Cleveron parcel robots that have joined the DPD Pickup network, to almost 500.

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