Doctors unjustifiably charged fees for services worth 255,000 last year

Last year, authorities found that medical institutions that provide state budget-financed healthcare services had charged fees for services worth EUR 254,994, according to data compiled by Health Inspectorate.

Last year, 246 administrative acts for recovery of funds for healthcare budget and patients came to force.

EUR 254,994 was recovered for the state budget and patients. This includes EUR 245,388 for unjustified fees charged for healthcare services, EUR 9,606 for unjustifiably prescribed state-compensated medicines, as well as EUR 2,237 for fees unjustifiably charged from patients.

Last year, Healthcare Ministry performed five inspections in healthcare institutions that provide state-funded medical services, as well as 174 inspections aimed at reviewing efficient use of funding and reducing competition between healthcare institutions.

Authorities performed 573 inspections in total last year, which is 61.4% more than previously planned. The reason why the ministry performed more than planned is the doctors’ protect that took place in July 2017. Following a request from the National Health Service, the ministry inspected practices of family doctors who had not informed the National Health Service about their participation in the protect act.

Last year, the ministry received 320 complaints from residents and other institutions about state-owned healthcare services, as well as service accessibility, work organization and provision of paid services. Only 33 or 10.3% of them were justified, however.

Healthcare Ministry believes measures performed last year have helped reduce non-compliance with requirements for accessibility of healthcare services and improve monitoring of state-funded healthcare services and efficiency of budget funds.

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