Dishonest sellers offer tickets for Song and Dance Celebration for unreasonable prices

Several months before the XXVI Latvian Song and Dance Celebration some dishonest people are offering tickets for this event for inordinately inflated prices, posting offers on different advertisement portals.

For example, there is an offer on that sells 12 tickets for the final concert of the celebration – The Way of the Stars – in Mežaparks. The person selling the tickets wants EUR 395 per ticket.

A different seller offers selling several tickets for «the best seats» in the final concert on 8 July. The price of every ticket is EUR 350. The author of the advertisement claims all tickets were bought legally, and he can provide a receipt. Other sellers asking for more than EUR 300 per ticket claim they can provide a receipt for each one.

People want a little less for tickets to the big dance concert «Māras zeme». For example, the most expensive offer posted on is EUR 250 per ticket. Tickets for other events of the Song and Dance Celebration are sold for prices ranging from EUR 50 to EUR 200.

Aside from sale advertisements there are also advertisements for exchange of tickets. The author of one such offer wants to exchange two tickets for «Vēl 100 gadi dejai» concert for «Māras zeme» tickets, with commission fee, of course.

Tickets for Latvia’s national Song and Dance Celebration became available for purchase on 3 March. Everything was sold out within a couple of hours. Soon after, however, offers started popping up on the internet for unreasonable prices. Discussions regarding moral and ethical standards when selling tickets online soon started as well.

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