Disease prevention department backtracks on cyber attack claim

The Center for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC) – which is one of the agencies responsible for handling Latvia’s preaprations for the coronavirus – announced February 27 its website had come under suspected cyber attack at noon, but backtracked on the claim a couple of hours later.

The initial announcement was made via SPKC’s Twitter account and said efforts were being made to counter the cyber-attack.

SPKC has been one of the official sources of information to the Latvian public about the coronavirus.

However, after analyzing the situation, the national information technology security incident prevention institution “Cert.lv” said it not detected any signs of an attack. The problems, according to “Cert.lv” experts, are related to increased visits to the website, which might perhaps have been expected under the circumstances.

The SPKC site “does not show signs of an attack, but indicates periodic underperformance due to increased visits,” said Cert.lv.


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