Discontinued search and rescue operation for a crew member of SWE Carrier general cargo ship in Lithuania and Latvia

On September 25 at 0920hrs local time the search and rescue efforts to find a crew member of SWE Carrier cargo vessel were discontinued. The operation began immediately when at 2348hrs on September 24 when the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre was informed that a crew member of Swe Carrier vessel had gone missing. The person was last seen when the ship was going past the buoy of Liepaja Seaport.

Dauphin AS-365 search and rescue helicopter of the Lithuanian Air Force was called in and took off immediately from the 1st Search and Rescue Post in Nemirseta. The helicopter crew were intensely searching for the missing person through the night and paused the operation for only a brief time near the morning time at around 0500hrs because of poor visibility conditions. Before 0800hrs the operation was resumed.

The efforts are seconded by Latvian P08 warship and a helicopter in the area of responsibility of Latvia.

Swe Carrier vessel reported a steady course to the destination port in Gdynia, Poland. The vessel is not involved in the search and rescue efforts.

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