Despite recent heat, July weather 1 degree cooler than average

Despite recent hot weather brought to the region by a hot air mass that caused record temperatures across much of the European continent, Estonia’s average air temperature for July was 16.4 C, which is 1 degree below average for the month.

The highest temperature recorded in Estonia last month was 33 C in the Jõgeva County village of Tiirikoja on July 28.

The lowest temperature recorded, meanwhile, was 2.3 C in Narva on July 12.

Average precipitation across the country was 68 millimeters, or 94 percent of the average of 72 millimeters.

The wettest 24-hour period last month was recorded in Jõhvi on July 3, which saw 61 millimeters of precipitation fall.

Estonia saw an average of 285 hours of sunshine in July, or 99 percent of the average of 288 hours.

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