Department set to move all prisons out of Vilnius

Lithuania’s Prisons Department plans to move all detention institutions out of Vilnius, including the Lukiskes remand prison from central Lithuanian capital, informs LETA/BNS.

“We are drafting a vision of moving all detention institutions from Vilnius. For instance, we all know where Lukiskes is,” Interior Minister Eimutis Misiunas said after meeting with Prisons Department chief Robertas Krikstaponis on Friday.

In addition to the Lukiskes prison, the department’s institutions in the Lithuanian capital includes the Vilnius Correctional Center, the Training Center and the Halfway Home.

In Krikstaponis’ words, the plan to move out the institutions out of Vilnius should be drafted within a year.

According to preliminary calculations, this would cost around 80 million euros, as a new prison would have to be built outside the city.

“First of all, we would make room in the city and give additional space for city residents and guests,” Krikstaponis told BNS. “We would improve the conditions for detainees, as today we are forced to pay them a lot for the poor imprisonment conditions.”

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