Denmark to extradite Latvian citizen Kristine Misane to Latvia

A Danish court on Monday delivered an official ruling to extradite Latvian citizen Kristine Misane to Latvia, Misane’s lawyer in Denmark, Henrik Stagetorn.

The lawyer informed that today the court ruling will be sent to the Latvian Prosecutor General’s Office. Latvian authorities will then have ten days to bring Misane back to Latvia. I have the documents in my hands. The court is translating them at the moment and will send them to Latvia today, Stagetorn said.

The lawyer noted that at the previous court hearing in Denmark he argued against Misane’s extradition to South Africa where she is wanted for kidnapping her own child, falsification of documents and other offenses.

Outlining further procedures, Latvian Justice Minister Janis Bordans (New Conservative Party) informed LETA that by issuing the European arrest warrant, Latvia has committed to ensuring its citizens’ prosecution for offenses committed outside of Latvian territory.

As soon as the Latvian Prosecutor General’s Office receives the Danish court’s decision on Misane’s extradition, it will take charge of the further criminal process. The Prosecutor General’s Office will task the State Police with convoying Misane back to Latvia.

Latvia has ten days to take over the extradited person. Bordans said that the law enforcement authorities have confirmed their readiness to act right away. At the same time, the State Police has to inform the Prison Administration about the exact time when the person in question will be turned over to the Prison Administration.

The detained person or her representative can submit to the investigating judge a request to revise the necessity further detention.

The Justice Ministry will continue coordinating work on solutions aimed at preventing similar cases from happening in the future, Bordans said.

As reported, Misane is being held in Denmark since late 2018 because she is wanted in South Africa for kidnapping her child and other alleged offenses. Denmark had decided earlier to extradite Misane to South Africa.

Misane met a citizen of the South Africa in 2011 and they had a daughter four years later. However, conflicts began between the two parents, which were initially financially motivated. The man then unilaterally decided to end the relationship and began to abuse both Misane and two minors in the family.

Fearing for the safety and lives of herself and her children, in Misane returned to Latvia in May 2018. In December 2018, Misane went on a business trip through Copenhagen to Mozambique, but was detained while crossing the border because she was wanted by Interpol. South Africa had told Interpol that Misane was wanted for kidnapping a minor. Now the woman is facing a fifteen-year prison sentence in South Africa.

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