Defender Europe 2020: to defend, to sell but not to abuse

American assassins. This is how sometimes the main battle tank MIA2 Abrams of the US Armed Forces is called.

This year, as part of the large-scale exercises of the US Armed Forces and the Allies “Defender Europe 2020”, they are arriving in large numbers in Europe. But not for destruction and murder, but for the protection of Europeans. Although it would probably be more correct to say to demonstrate the combat capabilities of advanced American weapons and the ability of mechanized divisions to inflict a crushing defeat on any opponent.

Among the tanks that arrived at the German port of Bremerhaven, I would like to mention the “Django”, “Body Count”, “Baby Yoda” and “Stallion” combat vehicles from the 3rd Infantry Division of Fort Stewart, Georgia.

Even the names of the deadly tanks speak of American intentions. In this context, I would like to recall the words of Master Yoda, after whom one of the military vehicles was named: wars not make one great.

Wars certainly do not make anyone great. But definitely make someone rich. And the larger the war, the greater the broth. It seems to me that Americans have high hopes for “Defender Europe”.

This is the largest exercise over the past 25 years to ensure a surge in orders from the US military industry. It is a pity, of course, that it will not be possible to demonstrate all the advantages of advanced weapons in comparison with the alleged enemy. But the exponential development of training issues will be enough. And on combat vehicles next to the name, you could immediately put price tags.

Some critics have previously accused Americans of using exercises to advance to Russian borders. In fact, this is unlikely. As the history of the wars of the 20th century shows, Americans only attack a weaker enemy in advance. So the Russians can sleep peacefully.

Personally, I am convinced that “Defender of Europe 2020” is an exclusively economic project to demonstrate its power to the Allies, with the subsequent task of providing the US military-industrial complex with orders.

Vitaliy Timoschuk, political journalist

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