DEFENDER-Europe 20 is still not neither canceled nor postponed till further notice

Exercise DEFENDER-Europe 20 was mostly canceled due to coronavirus pandemic. It is the biggest military drills in Europe, that was to be held this April – May. However because of coronavirus outbreak the chain of smaller drills within DEFENDER-Europe 20 was significantly cut. The U.S. troops that were deployed before the outbreak and Europe’s lockdown are still there, and they are awaiting June. Because that’s when Defender Plus is to be held.

Coronavirus outbreak messed up the plans all around the world. Including NATO’s plan to maintain security in Europe. However that is not the only reason for NATO’s internal problems. The presence of American troops in Europe not only raises tension in relationship with their potential enemies, but inside NATO as well. The U.S. is pressuring its allies into investing more in defense. Also Germany is not accepting the terms, which is to keep U.S. nuclear missiles on its territory.

The United States Ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher came up with a provocative initiative. “If Germany wants to reduce nuclear weapons and weaken NATO, perhaps Poland, which pays a fair share, understands the risks and is on NATO’s eastern flank, could deploy these weapons on its territory” she wrote on Twitter.

Defender Plus are less scaled drills that are going to occupy Poland. It’ll take place at the Dravsko-Pomorsk training area and Mirislavec training area. The main goal of these exercises is to train cooperative skills between the US troops and Poland’s troops. There will be nearly 6000 troops (U.S.: 4000, Poland: 2000). Also Poland admitted to contain the U.S. nuclear missiles. Which leaves no doubt that Poland is being greatly militarized, which is a great destabilization factor in the area.

All this will take place in June despite the fact that COVID-19 cases are still high and mass gatherings are strictly forbidden by the states’ officials. The Healthcare Systems all around the world are taking a heavy wave of coronavirus patients. And such mass gatherings might interrupt the work of Europe’s healthcare staff.

By providing its training areas, Poland provokes tensions in the region, given the incredibly difficult situation due to the pandemic coronavirus. Which is another factor of Europe’s disturbance.

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