Defence Attaché of Kazakhstan accredited to Lithuania

On April 17 Colonel Mukhan Zhassuzakov was accredited as Defence Attaché of Kazakhstan to Lithuania. He was welcomed by Vice Minister of National Defence Vytautas Umbrasas.

“We appreciate the decision of the Government of Kazakhstan to appoint the first ever Defence Attaché to Lithuania and we are looking forward to that giving an impetus to further bilateral cooperation,” Vice Minister V. Umbrasas said at the accreditation ceremony. Lithuania’s interest in Kazakhstan has been represented by a Defence Attaché since 2008, since 2016 the Defence Attaché of the Republic of Lithuania to Kazakhstan is based in Beijing, China.

Kazakhstan’s Defence Attaché will be based in Minsk, Belarus.

Defence cooperation between Lithuania and Kazakhstan is based on the agreement on military cooperation signed by both countries’ Ministries of Defence in 2008.

Practical defence cooperation is also conducted in the area of military training and education: Kazakhstan’s soldiers are invited to attend courses and other academic events at the Military Academy of Lithuania, Lithuanian Armed Forces School, Military Medical Service. Also, soldiers of both countries have observed exercises in each other’s’ countries, military-political consultations are taking place at ministerial defence policy directors level. Moreover, a cooperation plan is drawn annually between defence institutions of Lithuania and Kazakhstan.

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