Decorated US F-22 Raptor Pilot Accused of Raping Sleeping Woman in 2014

A decorated US Air Force F-22 Raptor pilot and intelligence analyst will face a court martial this fall for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman while she was in bed asleep, among other violent crimes, according to an Air Force charge sheet released Wednesday.

Colonel Jason Costello, who is assigned to North American Aerospace Defense Command-Northern Command at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado, is accused of three violations of the US Uniform Code of Military Justice, the Air Force Times reports.

Other infractions in the charge sheet include hitting a woman in the face and a third “specification” of a code violation that is totally redacted, a Colorado ABC affiliate notes.

The rape of a sleeping woman allegedly took place in 2014 in Rhode Island; the face-striking incident allegedly occurred in 2013; and another assault took place in 2017. It’s not clear where the second and third military crimes allegedly took place except that it was in the continental US.

“Col. Jason Costello remains in an active-duty status and while we are not permitted to discuss specifics, Col. Costello has been removed from all operational duties,” a NORTHCOM spokesperson told reporters Wednesday.

Costello has received the Defense Meritorious Service medal, the Air Medal and the Aerial Achievement Medal throughout his 22-year career flying America’s top air superiority aircraft, the F-22, as well as the F-15. He has also helped plan war games in his capacity at NORAD, local media reported.

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