David Beckham praised by fans for shaking hands with policeman at Royal Wedding

He cut a typically slick figure in his morning coat as he arrived at the Royal Wedding with wife Victoria.

And now David Beckham, 43, has been praised for highlighting the great work of the police after he stopped to shake hands with a policeman outside the entrance of St. George’s Chapel before the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on Saturday.

The former footballer, who attended the royal wedding with his wife Victoria, 44, proved how much of a class act he is as he took a moment to greet the officer ahead of the nuptials in Windsor Castle.

Taken aback by his humble gesture, fans thanked the sportsman, who is a Goodwill ambassador for Unicef, on social media in their droves and said the moment was ‘classy’ as well as ‘sweet’.

One fan wrote: ‘David Beckham shaking hands with the police officer before entering the chapel. Classy as always.’

Another shared: ‘Catching up on the wedding news …. @Beckhamd7 much respect for shaking hands with the Police on duty. Such a little gesture seems to have had a huge response’.

‘David Beckham is just so sweet, shaking hands with the policeman, the only one who acknowledged him,’ a social commentator said. ‘David Beckham shaking hands with the policeman, wow we love a respectful man.’

‘Becks has always come across as simply a nice person all round, with this and shaking hands later with the officer at Windsor, he’s confirmed my view. Thank you to him for caring.’

However that wasn’t the end of the football legend’s kind gestures as he went out of his way to pose for a photo with Manchester Arena bombing survivor Amelia Mae Thompson, 12, who was outside the chapel.

Beckham’s praise comes after broadcaster Piers Morgan was quick to hit out at him on Monday, when he was spotted chewing gum at the momentous occasion.

Speaking on Monday’s Good Morning Britain, the 53-year-old poked fun at the footballer’s accent, and blasted him for continuing to chew gum beside the respected guests at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s nuptials.

Addressing the star-studded guest list at Windsor Castle, Piers immediately expressed his shock at David’s chewing in the chapel.

He said of the footballer: ‘He goes into church and sits down next to Nicholas Soames.

‘The pillar of the establishment. A man related to Winston Churchill and what does old Golden Balls do? He chews gum.’


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