Daily Lietuvos Zinios appears on newsstands for last time


The daily Lietuvos Zinios, one of the oldest newspapers in Lithuania, appeared on newsstands for the last time on Tuesday.

The publisher of Lietuvos Zinios, which also owns the online news sites Lzinios.lt and Jonavosnaujienos.lt and Naujienos, a local newspaper in the central district of Jonava, is set to be liquidated on May 1. Achemos Grupe, the owner of Lietuvos Zinios, plans to sell its publishing rights and intellectual property. The group says it decided to stop subsidizing the company, which has operated at a loss for a long time. Lietuvos Zinios posted a net loss of 963,300 for 2018. Founded in June 1909, Lietuvos Zinios is one of Lithuania’s oldest newspapers. Lietuvos Zinios was published by the council of the Lithuanian Social Democratic Party between 1990 and 1993. Achemos Grupe acquired the newspaper in November 1993.

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