COVID-19 contact-tracking apps to work throughout the EU

The European Commission has come up with a new, unified system to control the spread of coronavirus in the European Union EC said October 19.

At the request of EU Member States, the Commission has established an EU-wide cooperation system that will enable COVID-19 infection tracking apps from different countries to operate in a single system.

Users will need to download only one application when travelling through the Member States of the European Union. Such a system will ensure the transfer of data between infection tracking apps in the Member States of the European Union, enabling apps to operate within the EU. A total of 20 apps will be able to collaborate with the Gateway System Service.

After a successful trial phase, the system was released on Monday, October 19, and links Germany’s Corona-Warn-App, Ireland’s Covid tracker and Italy’s immuni apps.

The addition of Latvia’s  Apturi Covid  , the Czech eRouška, Denmark’s smitte stop, and Spain’s Radar Covid is expected soon, and others will connect in November.


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