Lithuania reports 91 new coronavirus cases, over 25,000 in quarantine

Lithuania confirmed 91 new coronavirus infections over Wednesday, according to the National Public Health Centre (NVSC).

Five of the new cases are linked to an ice hockey game in Elektrėnai, Vilnius County, on September 5.

Nineteen cases are part of a cluster around Kaunas Musical Theatre which currently accounts for 43 infections.

Four cases are linked to a hospital in Radviliškis, currently the biggest hotspot in the country with 139 confirmed infections.

Lithuania’s total Covid-19 infection count stands at 4,784, Nearly half of them, 2,249, are active cases, while 2,424 people have already recovered.

Ninety-two people in the country have died of the coronavirus so far.

At the moment, 25,171 people in the country are in isolation. In addition to active confirmed infections, they include people who have been in close contact with someone diagnosed with Covid-19 as well as travellers from coronavirus-affected countries.


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