Coronavirus update: Lithuania reports 179 cases over weekend

Lithuania has reported 99 new cases of Covid-19 on Saturday and 80 on Sunday, according to the country’s health authorities.

Saturday’s record figure was also the biggest daily increase of new infections in the Baltic states since the pandemic began.

Forty-nine of the new cases on Saturday were reported in Šiauliai District, 31 in Vilnius District, 12 in Kaunas District, five in Panevėžys District, and one in Klaipėda and Marijampolė districts each.

On Sunday, 31 of the new cases were registered in Šiauliai District, 15 in Vilnius District. 14 in Kaunas District, seven in Panevėžys District, six in Klaipėda District, four in Telšiai District, and one new case in Tauragė, Alytus, and Marijampolė districts each.

In all, Lithuania has confirmed 3,744 cases of Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic.

Currently, 1,442 people are still ill with the virus, 2,198 have recovered, and 12,893 are in isolation. Eighty-seven people have died from the coronavirus.


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