Coronavirus update: Lithuania hits new daily record with 2,270 cases

According to preliminary figures released by the country’s statistics office, Lithuania recorded a record 2,270 new cases of Covid-19 on Friday.

The Health Ministry will provide more detailed information at around noon.

The number of daily new cases had doubled on Wednesday from under a thousand a day before to 1,935. On Thursday, Lithuania registered 1,680 new cases of the novel coronavirus.

Although the number of daily new cases has risen this week, the death rate remains the same, according to professor Mindaugas Stankūnas. “The death rate in the world varies from 0.5 percent to even 25 percent. Lithuania, in comparison, has a very low death rate,” he told LRT RADIO on Friday.

As of Friday morning, 341 people have died of Covid-19.

Most deaths took place in Kaunas, 38, followed by 37 in Vilnius, 26 in Klaipėda, 19 in Raseiniai, and 19 in Marijampolė.

According to the professor, the effect of the quarantine should be felt next week, but the most optimistic scenario did not materialise – the number of infections remains high.

 Updated to follow. 


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